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Published September 20, 2015

NOTE: This article shows how to setup a Bluetooth Keyboard, however it should also be possible to use these steps to enable the soft keyboard and avoid the need for a physical keyboard at all.

Recently I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to do this and every forum thread I came across claimed it was impossible.  The problem is that when you intially boot the mini, it will detect a bluetooth mouse but for whatever reason *will not* detect a bluetooth keyboard.  Once you get to the initial account creation screen, a keyboard is required to enter a name and password, otherwise you cant proceed.

I came across a method for setting up OSX Server headlessly with VNC, but since I wasnt running Server it didnt help.  After reading through what I could find through Google searches, I decided to do some experimentation of my own.

My first first idea was to try and copy text from wherever I could find copy-able text and then past that into the name / password fields.  I did find some copy-able text on the error dialog that appears after attempting to submit the empy account /password form, but to my dismay, I discovered that the paste option was disabled for input fields.

My next idea was to try and plug in a headset and use the text to speech options that come up when you right click the form input fields.  Unfortunately, even with a headset plugged in these options never lit up.  While I was idly clicking around, I  noticed a Substitutions option:


Inside the resulting dialog was a Text Preferences button which took me to the Text Preferences section of System Preferences:


If you look closely, you’ll see a back arrow in the top left corner of the screen, which will take you to the main System Preferences screen.  From there, its a simple matter of going to the keyboard section and adding a bluetooth keyboard.  Success!



  1. Charlie Charlie

    Very clever! I’ve run into the same problem in the past and I’ll definitely remember this for the future.

  2. Lucas Lucas

    Just so you know, I just faced this problem and your post was extremely helpful.

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